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Pests can damage your property and spread disease. It’s important to remove them before they cause any harm. Green Wave Pest Solutions offers residential and commercial pest control services at your location.

We’ve removed pests from thousands of homes, giving us the expertise needed to handle any bug or rodent problem you might be facing. Count on us to customize our services to fit your particular needs.

General Service for Pest Control

GreenWave Pest Control GreenWave Pest Control
GreenWave Pest Control

Rodent Control

There are basically two kinds of workers who deal with rodent removal: animal control specialists and pest control exterminators. If you are ready to rid your home of those pesky...
GreenWave Pest Control

Bed Bug

These bugs are typically reddish brown and even a darker red when they’ve had a blood meal. Bed bugs can literally be found anywhere, homes, libraries, restaurants, movie...

Wasp and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps, unlike Bees, are solitary with hives being much smaller. Any sudden activity can result in a sting; be cautious and call Green Wave Pest Solutions...
GreenWave Pest Control

Spider Removal

Green Wave Pest Solutions specializes in Spider Removal Extermination of all types of spiders. Whether your problem is black widows, wolf spiders, sun spiders, or brown recluse spiders...

Some of the Pests Green Wave Pest Solutions Removes

Have you ever found strange bites on your body or felt tiny legs crawling on your arm? Pest control is a major annoyance for people all over the US. You can keep your house and car spotlessly clean, but the most common household pests just keep coming back. Some of the most common household pests are flies, crickets, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, and more. They appear unexpectedly in your kitchen when you’re cooking dinner or crawling across the sandbox your kids are playing in. What can be done about these common household pests and how can you approach proper pest control?

The first consideration when dealing with pest control in Mountains Edge, Nevada for ants is to figure out why they are entering your property. Making sure that you clean up all food and food debris quickly after meals is a good step to get rid of ants. If you have fire ants, they may need to be removed by a professional. Fire ants build mounds up to 2 ft. They also have painful bites.

Bees and wasps are dangerous to have around your home. Their stings are painful and can be deadly if you are allergic. Bees and wasps are dangerous to have around your home. Their stings are painful and can be deadly if you are allergic. You will need to find the nest where the wasps live. Spraying insecticide in the nest is an easy way to kill them, but you must be careful to avoid being stung. If your issue is with bees we can arrange for a bee keeper to come remove, and relocate the hive. Bees are an important of our environment and we do not kill bees at Green Wave Pest Solutions.

Sticky traps are the best way to get rid of cockroaches yourself, but a professional pest control in Mountains Edge. Nevada company may be needed if you have a large infestation. Placing a large amount of sticky traps in your home with bait such as white bread will tell you where the cockroaches are coming from. Cockroaches tend to move around the outside of a room near the walls.

Traps are available to control the beetle population of your home and yard, but they are difficult to use because beetles are often found in large populations. Spraying plants, especially houseplants and plants close to your home, with insecticide soap is a good way to control beetle population. Most pest control insecticide soaps will not harm the plants they are sprayed on.

Centipedes usually travel in small numbers, so killing any centipede you see should quickly get rid of this pest. Also centipedes need a moist environment, so keeping your home dry is another way to prevent centipede infestation and ensure pest control.

Firebrats and silverfish cannot fly, so blocking their entrance to your home from the ground will get rid of them. Using foam spray or caulking to seal any cracks will prevent their entrance and guarantee pest control Mountains Edge. Nevada of these pests. Firebrats eat pretty much anything, so they are difficult to starve. Keeping your home dry will also deter these pests, because they love moisture. Silverfish are often killed with poison, but you shouldn’t handle poison yourself, instead you should call Green Wave Pest Solutions professional pest control.

Making sure your carpets are kept very clean is a good way to get rid of fleas. Combing your animals with a special flea comb will help you find and destroy any left over fleas that are attached to them. Cleaning the bedding your pet uses is essential for flea management and pest control.

Using yellow lights designed for pest control on your porch and outside fixtures are excellent for getting rid of crickets because they are very attracted to light. Traps are also very effective in cricket control.

Scorpions are found mostly in Arizona and Nevada. You can get rid of them by eliminating the places scorpions can hide, such as bark pieces and brush piles. Sealing your home of cracks is also important in the prevention of a scorpion infestation.

Hornets love protein, so it’s essential to keep items such as pet food in closed containers to avoid infestation. Water traps are often used to eliminate hornets, and vinegar is a good bait for these traps.

freed from clutter so that there are less spaces for spiders to hide.  Powerspray of a safe chemical to kill spiders but are safe to family and pets by a professional pest control company such as Green Wave Pest Solutions may be used to kill spiders.

Yellow Jackets should be killed at night, because they are in their nests and can be completely eliminated. The nest should be located and sprayed with pyrethrum aerosols by a professional pest control group. Check the next day to make sure all they were killed.

Pigeons can live up to 15 years in the wild. Often they build simple nests in sheltered locations such as building ledges, eaves, and under solar panels. They use twigs, grass, and other materials for nest construction. Pigeons can be territorial, especially during breeding season. They often return to the same nesting site year after year, defending it against other pigeons. Pigeons are creatures of habit. Once they have successfully raised offspring in a specific nesting site, they may have an attachment to it.



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To keep your property free from bugs and rodents, sign up for regular pest control services. We’re a preferred pest control company because we go the extra mile!

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We use eco-friendly sprays that won’t harm you, offer half-off treatments for referrals who sign up, and safely remove dangerous pests like scorpions, wasps, and rodents.
GreenWave Pest Control GreenWave Pest Control
GreenWave Pest Control
GreenWave Pest Control

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Customer Reviews

review greenwave Pest control
review greenwave Pest control
I like that they always text me before they come so that way I know since I’m very busy. Anthony the tech is responsive & professional & they always show up on time, in uniform & in a green wave truck so I know who is coming. They also did the inside last minute & accommodated with my dogs. Happy with the service

Elizabeth M

These guys really are the best in the business! I really love how I am able to contact anybody at the office and they can help me with any questions I have. I definitely would recommend anybody reading this to do themselves a favor by going with them; I promise you won’t regret it! Both of the owners Jake and Mike are very professional and you can tell that they really care about you rather than making you feel like another number. Keep up the great work!

Dave R

We switched over to green wave from our other pest company, and we are so happy we did! These guys really get the job done and are so nice and attentive when they come out. Jake and mike always give us excellent service.


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